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Typical situations for a valuation report are divorces, inheritance, taxable gifts, legal disputes and tax claims from the tax authority.

Valuation report

A valuation report is always required when owners, buyers, heirs, credit institutes or other participants require a reliable and objective appraisal that will stand up in court.

If an heir can prove a lower property value than calculated by the local tax autority, then according to German law this value is used to set the amount of inheritance tax due. You could therefore save inheritance tax.

You do not need to wait months for an appointment. We offer short-term appointments on site.

Market Value of property

According to § 194 BauGB (Federal Building Code) the market value is defined as:

“The standardised market value is defined as the price which would be achieved in an ordinary transaction at the time when the assessment is made, taking into account the existing legal circumstances and the actual characteristics, general condition and location of the property or other object of assessment, without consideration being given to any extraordinary or personal circumstances.”

Our appraisals are in writing, bound and consist of a text component with photo documentation. We require the following documents and information for the appraisal:

  • Local overview (Ortsübersicht)
  • Land register map (Flurkarte: excerpt from the real estate property map of the land registry office)
  • Site plan
  • Optionally excerpts from the land use plan or development plan
  • Building plans, floor plans
  • Building section (Gebäudeschnitte)
  • Calculation of living space and usable living space (Wohn- und Nutzflächenberechnung)
  • Computation of enclosed space and/or gross volume

If required, missing documents can be obtained by us. This saves you time in the time-consuming procurement of the necessary documents from the respective authorities. The costs for a valuation report by a real estate appraiser are based on our fees. Contact us so that we can advise you personally and without obligation.

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