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Buying a home is not something you do everyday. It can be a daunting and expensive experience. It is likely to be your biggest investment ever.

We give you a realistic and independent valuation of the selling price and condition of the property. Why not let us help you with this important decision and assist in reducing potential financial risks?

From experience we know that potential buyers have to be quick today. We therefore offer short-term appointments on site.

Property Inspection with an expert

During a house inspection you are accompanied by a qualified surveyor who provides you with a realistic and independent evaluation of the inspected property.

Whether buying an apartment or house, consulting a surveyor helps to eliminate unexpected surprises and gives you a more secure feeling.

How does it work?

  1. Preparation:
    Before the inspection you send us the most important information about the property (property documentation and floor plans are usually sufficient). This way the surveyor can prepare for the appointment. When inspecting a condominium we require the declaration of division (Teilungserklärung)
  2. Property inspection:
    Together we walk through the property and inspect it without performing any destructive investigations. Amongst other things we look for damage caused by moisture, mould, pest infestation, cracks in walls and building defects.
  3. Consultation:
    After the inspection we hold a lengthy discussion (oral consultation) in which the surveyor informs you about his findings. Furthermore, costs for maintenance in the short, medium and long term and typical refurbishments are explained. An opinion about whether the asking price for the property is reasonable is also expressed. If required questions concerning the notary are answered. If desired professional and reliable contractors can be recommended

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Short-term appointments possible!

The charges for private housing start at 480,00 € + VAT and depend on the kind of property. Short-term appointments on site are possible.

Home inspection and buyer consultation with a property surveyor.